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The Kuutinkämppä wilderness cabin was built in 1987 for park visitors. It’s in the middle of Repovesi National Park, at Kuutinlahti lakeshore. You can hike there from Olhava.

The beautiful scenery, the peace and quiet and accessibility are advantages of Kuutinkämppä, the wilderness cabin at Kuutinlahti. The cabin is perfect for families, hikers, kayakers, climbers and small groups of friends. If you need room for a bigger party, you can extend capacity with the Mustavuori lapp hut owned by Metsähallitus. The lapp hut is a few hundred meters from the Kuutinkämppä.

The cabin and the yard

The cabin is divided into three parts: the hall, the sauna and the main room. There is a woodshed and a dry toilet outside. A small hearth works as the heater. The cosy cabin is in a quiet location. It used to be a cabin free for anyone to spend the night in, and the original rafters remind us of that time. The cabin still takes care of its occupants, who can relax in the sauna after a long day of hiking and enjoy the candlelit evening.

The small hearth keeps the cold outside, making the visitors nice and warm. There is a kitchen corner in the main room, a table and bunk beds for 6. Pots, pans and utensils are provided in the kitchen.

The cabin can fit 6 people at maximum. Tents are allowed in the yard as long as there are no more than 6 people staying inside. If you need room for a bigger group, you can reserve the Mustavuori lapp hut next door, it can accommodate 5-6 people as well. We also recommend the Saarijärvi Forestry Hut for 10-12 or the Pihkapirtti cottage for 8 people. 


The cabin is 3 km from the entrance of Saarijärvi, next to the Mustalamminvuori hill on the shore of Kuutinlahti. You are not allowed to drive there by a motor vehicle. A water taxi can take you there.

Cabin furnishings

  • A kitchen corner with a gas cooker 

  • An efficient small hearth with a large glass door works as a heater (no central heating)

  • A Sauna, with an attached water heater. Swimming is possible in the lake but be aware of the rough lake bottom.

  • An ice drill and a water pump for a hole in the ice are provided in the winter.

  • There is a landing stage for kayaks and canoes.

  • A cool storage cellar outside

  • Cutlery for 8

  • Two saucepans, a coffee pot and a frying pan (for the gas cooker or wood-burning stove, not for campfire)

  • Dish soap, cleaning equipment

  • Bunk beds with mattresses, mattress covers, blankets and pillows (2 200cmx140cm lower beds and 2 200cmx80cm upper beds)

  • A stone circle campfire place next to the cottage

  • Ready-cut firewood, axe is supplied for chopping

  • A dry toilet next to the woodshed.

  • Nearest well for drinking water is at Olhava.

Notice! Candles, toilet paper and bed linen are not included. There is no electricity at the cabin.
Always remember: matches, toilet paper, a flashlight, candles and a sleepingbag/bed linen. 

Making the reservation and visiting

Start and ending times

The reservation starts at 13 o’clock, and departure time is at 10.30. Do not go to the cabin before your reservation starts.


You will get instructions about the keys in the booking confirmation email. The keys are in a keybox at the cabin. You will get the locker PIN number in a text message two hours before your reservation starts.

Cleanliness, the final cleaning up and the trash

The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the cabin, the yard and the cabin amenities. The cabin must be cleaned carefully before leaving, so the next guest can enjoy their visit too. 

The Kuutinkämppä cabin follows the litter-free hiking guideline. You can put bio waste into the dry toilet and burn any burnable materials (do not burn packages with aluminium and other metals). Don’t leave anything for the next guest to burn. Everything else you must take with you. Do not leave anything edible at the cabin. 


Housebroken dogs are allowed in the Kuutinkämppä. The owner is responsible for the covering of the beds and blankets if the dog likes to sleep in bed. Please make sure to clean away any dog hairs from the rugs and the rooms upon departure.

If dogs relieve themselves in the yard, the waste must be picked up and taken to the forest behind the dry toilet. 

Please tell us the breed and the size of the dog when making your reservation. Please read the “Pets” section from our Terms and Conditions before making a booking.

Terms and conditions

The person making the reservations is fully responsible for the cabin and his/her friends. Please read the terms and conditions before making any reservations.

P.S. If there is no availability on Kuutinkämppä, please see Saarijärvi Forestry Hut.