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Tervajärvi rowing boat

Tervajärvi rowing boat
From €15.00 / 4 h
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Lake Tervajärvi in Repovesi National Park is a meandering, peaceful and fishy lake. The high cliffs on the west bank, the magnificent rocky Tukkiniemi and the three national park places for campfire and tents are well reached by boat. Big sizes pikes raises the fisherman's interest in lake Tervajärvi. The Tervajärvi rowing boat enables both morning-misty fishing and mood rowing in the sunset.

Rowing boat

  • The rowing boat is located on the shore of Tervajärvi, first on the right (light Suvi 460 brand)

  • The rowing boat is intended for one to three people

  • The boat also has room for equipment

  • The boat is in good condition.

Rental includes

  • In addition to the boat, general adult vests for swimmers (3 pcs) floating a person with swimming skills weighing between 40 and 130 kg and life jackets for children

  • Lifejackets for children in the following weight classes

    • 1 pc max 15 kg

    • 1 pcs 3 - 15 kg

    • 1 pcs 15 - 20 kg

    • 1 pcs 20 - 30 kg

  • Oars and plug

  • Boat drainage device

Technical specifications

  • Suvi 460

  • Length 460 cm

  • Weight approx. 85 kg

Rental period

Rowing boats can be rented on an hourly or daily basis. The duration of the hourly rental is 4, 8 or 12 hours. Rentals can be booked at 06:00, 10:00, 14:00 or 18:00. The rental can still be made after the above-mentioned start times, but no more than 2 hours after the above-mentioned starting dates, i.e. e.g. after the start time mentioned above. Rentals that started at 06:00 can still be made at 07:50. However, the end time is always in line with the duration chosen by the customer and the later start of the rental does not continue according to the number of hours corresponding to the rental.

Daily rental can last from 1 to 4 days. The rental starts at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 10:00 a.m. on a day ordered by the customer, according to the rental. Daily rental can also be made after 10:00 a.m., but up to 2 hours after the start of normal daily rental, i.e. the rental can still be made, for example. 11.50. However, the end time is always 10 a.m. The rental must not commence before the above-mentioned times and the equipment must have been returned by the end time.The hourly rent-based price is doubled for delay.

Instructions for use

  • before your rowing trip, leave the chain around the tree locked.

  • At the end of the rowing trip, pull the boat to its designated location. 

  • Clean the boat after use, especially the bottom of the boat must be cleaned of sand and debris, for example, and the mucus of the prey fish must be washed off the surfaces of the boat

  • Remove the boat plug

  • Lock the boat and oars.

  • Return the equipment to the places assigned to them.

  • Put the vest dry on the clothes hangers.

  • Please report any breakdowns or defects as soon as possible.

Responsibilities, required skill and other considerations

The customer uses the rental equipment at his/her own risk. The customer is obligated to check the condition of the equipment before use. Do not use a broken boat or equipment.

  • Wear your vest/or life jackets whenever you are on the boat 

  • A good tour buddy is the best "safety tool", row with a friend

  • Don't overestimate your skills and strength, you can always go back, land or change your itinerary for safety.

  • Take into account the dangers and effects of cold water

  • Be "water clear" in the waters!

  • If you're wondering about something, you can always call and ask!

Boating and fishing in lake Tervajärvi

It is possible to boat in Tervajärvi, west of Sulkusalmi and south of Lojukoski. The waters east of the Sulkusalmi strait and north of Lojukoski belong to the Pahkajärvi firing range managed by the Finnish Defence Forces, where is not allowed to move without special permission. These waters shall not be boat. The boundaries of the Defence Forces area marked with signs and blue and white signs on the trees. 

On the shores of Tervajärvi there are three National park places for campfire and tents. There are piers on the Tervajärvi side of the Kuutinkanava and Lojukoski to facilitate landing. 

The peninsulas that stick in Tervajärvi, such as the magnificent rocky Tukkiniemi, the islets of Tervajärvi and the forested Hermusensaari island, invite rowers, as well as kayakers, to come ashore during the excursion. Please note that it is advisable to use the national park's places for campfire and tents for your stay. There are also toilets in connection with these. Open fires are only allowed for fireplaces at places for campfire and tents in the national park, which are also subject to restrictions during the forest fire warning, excluding hut-type buildings with hooded fireplaces in Lapinsalmi and Kuutinkanava.

In Tervajärvi, the use of motors in boats is prohibited (incl. electric motor).

For net fishing, you need net badges and you can inquire about them from the Hevosoja shareholders' association, whose territory Tervajärvi belongs to. Every 18- to 64-year-old engaged in fishing other than fishing or ice fishing must pay a fisheries management fee. With the fisheries management fee, you can fish with one rod in Tervajärvi. The fisheries management fee can be purchased eraluvat.fi

Tervajärvi rental base, how the rental base works, how the door opens

The rental base is located in Repovesi National Park at the gate to Tervajärvi at Kivisilmäntie 720 Kouvola right next to the parking lot and the accessible toilet building near the shore. Learn more about the rental base

The rental base operations are based on strong trust between the merchant and the customers. Rent and pay for the rental equipment in the online shop. After payment, you will receive a PIN code in the electronic key cointainer (Igloohome) on the right side of the rental base door at the email address and mobile phone number you have provided. The PIN code is sent to the customer approx. 60 minutes before the start of the rental. The equipment is in the warehouse of the rental base and the boat is located on the shore of lake Tervajärvi. The main instructions can also be found on the rental base wall.

At the rental base door, do the following:

  1. The key cointainer is on the right side of the rental base door, use the lower key cointainer

  2. Touch the lock image in the middle of the key box, the boxresponds with one beep

  3. Enter the PIN code you received and finally press the lock image in the middle of the key box

  4. The cointaer mourns, emits a three-tone beep, and a green light flashes in the middle of the box

  5. Grasp the left and right side of the box with a forefinger - thumb grip and open the box lid

Open the base door and pick up the equipment. Once you have picked up the equipment and opened e.g. the canoe lock, leave the key in the key box and close the lid of the box, causing the lock to mourn, beep once for a long time and at the same time the green light will light up for a while in the middle of the box.

Leave the key of the rental base (and when renting other hiking equipment also in the equipment cabinet) in the key boxes before you go on the excursion. This also allows other users to use the rental base´s products. Before starting the excursion, make sure that you will not be able to do so. before taking the canoe to the water, that you left the keys in the key boxes!

The base door has a QR code that redirects you to this website and guides you through, among other things, opening a key box.

Delivery Terms

Check out the Delivery terms before renting!