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Tervajärvi canoes

Tervajärvi canoes
From €27.00 / 6 h
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The Tervajärvi gate in Repovesi National Park is idyllic and slightly calmer than Lapinsalmi gate. The canoes of Tervajärvi can be rented from Tervajärvi rental base which is located next to the gate´s parking lot and is fully self-serviced. It is easy to go on a canoe trip to Tervajärvi or further through the Kuutinkanava from the shores of Lake Tervajärvi.


  • The canoes are located on the right side when reaching the shore of the Lake Tervajärvi (top of the logs and Eränen logo´s on the side)

  • Canoes are intended for two to three persons

  • With two people paddling in the middle of the canoe, there is plenty of room for equipment or equipment barrels

  • The canoe can also be used by three persons, in which case a third seat is placed in the centre of the canoe

  • The front support tree of the canoe is installed further and this gives more space to the person in the middle

  • There is also room for equipment in the canoe for three people

  • Canoes are in excellent condition

Rental includes

  • Canoe, max 3 canoeing vests for adults, 2 canoeing vests for children, one additional bench, max 3 pcs 140 - 150 cm paddle, canoe drainage device, canoe cart, 1-2 pcs 50l equipment barrels and 1 psc 3m trimbelt for attaching the equipment barrels to the canoe.

  • Adult vests float a person weighing between 40 and 130 kg with swimming skills. The whistle is attached to the vest.

  • Children vests float a child or young person with swimming skills weighing between 25 and 40 kg. The whistle is attached to the vest.

  • Weatherproof map of the Repovesi National Park which you can also find here

Techical specifications

  • Winkkari 175 with two braiding seats as standard, one at the front and the other at the back. The second support tree of the canoe has been moved slightly forward, giving the space to a person who may be paddling in the middle

  • Length 525 cm

  • Width (max 90 cm)

  • Weight approx. 42 kg

  • Single-layer polyethylene, vinyl edges

Rental period and place of use

A canoe or more can be rented on an hourly or daily basis. The hourly rental is always 6 hours from 09:00 or 15:00 according to the customer's reservation, ending at 15:00 or 21:00. The rental can still be made after the above-mentioned start times, but no more than 3 hours after the above-mentioned starting dates, i.e. e.g. after the starting time. The rental, which started at 09:00, can still be made at 11:50 a.m. However, the end time is always in line with the duration chosen by the customer and the later start of the rental does not continue according to the number of hours corresponding to the rental.

The daily rental stars at 15:00 and ends at 15:00 on the dau ordered by the sustomer according to the rental. Of course, renting several days is possible. Daily rentals can also be made after 15:00, but up to 3 hours after the start of norman daily rental, i.e. the rental can still be made, for example 17:50. However, the end time is always 3 p.m. The rental must not commence before the above-mentioned times and the equipment must have been returned by the end time. The hourly rent-based price is doubled for delay.

The canoes are intended for use by renters in the area of Repovesi National Park and its surrounding areas, e.g. in the area where the Repovesi national park is used. Lake Vuohijärvi, Lakje Tihvetjärvi, etc. During the rental period, canoes may not be transported away from  area e.g. with a trailer. Of course, it is allowed to start a canoe trip from Lake Tervajärvi and end it at Orilampi and transport the canoes back to their place of origin. However, this must be indicated when the reservation is drawn up. Treat canoes with care! And you can always contact (not yet as a reserved product) about the need to transfer back to Tervajärvi gate!

Instructions for use

  • Lift the canoes from the storage supports into the shore water, try to avoid pulling the canoe on the sand.

  • When using equipment barrels, it is recommended to use barrels on their side between the benches, with a lower centre of gravity. The inner bottom of the canoes has black rubber plates in two different places. The 3m trimbelt belonging to the rental is supposed to be threaded under these plates. The equipment barrels are placed on top of the belt and fasten the upper surface of the barrels with a trimbelt. Do not overtighten the belt (see the pics).

  • You can attach the canoe drainage device to the support tree at the back of the canoe with a d-link.

  • Use canoes with care and no unnecessary force. However, if anything breaks, please let us know openly and as soon as possible so that the next users can make the excursion possible

  • After use, clean the canoe and equipment. In particular, the bottoms of canoes must be cleaned of sand, for example. 

  • Lift the canoes to the storage supports inside out.

  • Lock the canoe in place. Also, make sure that the second canoe locks with a chain.

  • Return the equipment to the designated locations.

  • Leave the lids on the ewquipment barrels open.

  • Put the vests dry on the clothes hangers.

  • Close the base door and place the key in the key box.

  • Please report any breakdowns or defects as soon as possible.

Responsibilitis, required skills and other considerations

The customer uses the rental equipment at his/her own risk and customers must have the ability and skill needed to use the canoe, both with previous experience in canoeing and in the use of canoeing-related equipment. The person who pays for the reservation is responsible for ensuring that all participants in the canoeing have the aforementioned ability, skill and previous experience for their own party. The customer is responsible for his or her own safety when moving in the lakes. The customer is obligated to check the condition of the equipment before use. Do not use a broken canoe or equipment. Canoeists must be able to swim.

  • Make sure the vest you're wearing has a whistle. Do not put a whistle in your mouth unless you need to use it (Corona consideration)

  • The canoes are fitted with a safety sticker for Finnish canoeing instructors, which advises you to wear a canoeing vest in five different languages whenever paddling

  • Wear vests whenever you are in a canoe

  • A good tour buddy is the best "safety tool", canoeing with a friend or in a group

  • However, if you canoe alone, stay within distance of your swimming skills from the shore

  • Don't overestimate your skills, you can always go back, land or change your itinerary for safety.

  • Take into account the dangers and effects of cold water

  • Familiarise yourself with the canoeing possibilities of Repovesi in advance and pay special attention to the cottages on the shores of Repovesi and their residents. Do not paddle 50 metres closer to the shores of the cottage. However, if you suddenly find yourself on the shore of a cottage, try to take distance yourself from the shore, greet people and politely apologize for paddling too close to shore

  • Be "water clear" in the waters!

  • If you're wondering about something, you can always call and ask!

Canoeing in lake Tervajärvi and Repovesi

Canoeing is possible in lake Tervajärvi, west of Sulkusalmi and south of Lojukoski. The waters east of the Sulkusalmi strait and north of Lojukoski belong to the Pahkajärvi firing range managed by the Finnish Defence Forces, where movement is subject to a permit. No paddleboarding shall be allowed in those waters. The boundaries of the Defense Forces area are marked with signs and blue and white signs on the trees.

On the shores of lake Tervajärvi there are three places for campfire and tents. There are piers on the Tervajärvi side of the Kuutinkanava and Lojukoski to facilitate landing.

Through the Kuutinkanava canal, canoeists can get to e.g. Kuutinlahti rock bend, Löppösenluola, Lapinsalmi Bridge, etc. Crossing the Kuutinkanava is agile with the help of canoe carts along the excellent and wide path that lines the canal.

The peninsulas that stick in lake Tervajärvi, such as the magnificent rocky Tukkiniemi, the islets of lake Tervajärvi and the forested Hermusensaari island invite canoeists to come ashore during the excursion. Please note that it is advisable to use the national park's places for campfire and tents for your stay. There are also toilets in these places. Open fires are only allowed for fireplaces at those places in the national park, which are also subject to restrictions during the forest fire warning, excluding hut-type buildings with hooded fireplaces in Lapinsalmi and Kuutinkanava.

Tervajärvi Rental Base, how the rental base works, how the door opens

Read the procedure here!

Delivery Terms

Check out the Delivery terms before renting!