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Lapinsalmi SUP -boards for day trips

Lapinsalmi SUP -boards for day trips
From €20.00 / 4 h
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The water areas nearby Lapinsalmi in the Repovesi National Park are excellent for SUP boarding. From Lapinsalmi you can also take a SUP Board journey to Kuutinkanava.

SUP boards

  • boards, paddles and vests are located in Lapinsalmi rental base

  • the design of the board is based on the 10.6 all-around

  • Thanks to the wide bow, the board is very stable even for beginners and makes it easy to transport children and even dogs with them

  • Thanks to its round shape, the board is easily manoeuvrable even with a small person

  • Due to the design of the base of the board and the design of the fin, the board is ideal for travel canoeing

  • The board has good directional stability

  • The boards are new and in excellent condition

Rental includes

  • SUP -board, max 1 adult size vest, paddle and strap for board

  • Adult size vest floats a person with swimming skills weighing between 40 and 130 kg. The vest is suitable for persons of different sizes and is easily wearable and removable. The whistle is attached to the vest.

  • Weatherproof map of the Repovesi National Park which you can also find here

Technical specifications

  • Saimaa SUP Sun 10.6 general board for the whole family

  • Size 320 cm x 81 cm x 15 cm

  • Weight 9,2 kg

  • Fixed deck rubber bands for the transport of goods

  • load capacity 140 kg

  • The boards are pumped to 20 psi pressure

  • Rigid, lightweight and floating carbon fibre-stemmed paddle with durable plastic part, max length 215 cm, weight 910 g

Rental period and place of use

SUP boards can be rented on an hourly or daily basis. The hourly rental is always 4 hours from 10:00, 14:00 or 18:00 according to the customer's reservation. The rental can still be made after the above-mentioned start times, but no more than 2 hours after the above-mentioned starting dates, i.e. e.g. after the start time mentioned above. The rental, which started at 10:00 a.m., can still be made at 11:50 a.m. However, the end time is always in line with the duration chosen by the customer and the later start of the rental does not continue according to the number of hours corresponding to the rental.

Daily rental starts at 10.00 a.m. and ends at 10:00 a.m. on a day ordered by the customer, according to the rental. Renting for several days is possible. Daily rental can also be made after 10:00 a.m., but up to 2 hours after the start of normal daily rental, i.e. the rental can still be made, for example. 11.50. However, the end time is always 10 a.m. The rental must not commence before the above-mentioned times and the equipment must have been returned by the end time. The hourly rent-based price is doubled for delay.

SUP boards are intended for use by renters in the Repovesi National Park area. During the rental period, the boards must not be transported away from the Area. Of course, it is allowed to start a trip from lake Tervajärvi and end it at Orilampi and transport the boards back to their place of departure. However, this must be indicated when booking and the customer must pump the boards full before the rental ends. Please handle the boards carefully! And you can always contact us about the need to transfer back to Tervajärvi!

Instructions for use

  • the customer uses the rental equipment at his/her own risk. The customer is obligated to check the condition of the equipment before use. Do not use a broken board or equipment.

  • when handling the boards as soon as you remove the boards from the base, make sure that there is a fin attached to the board on the other side of the board

  • check that there is sufficient pressure on the board. The board must be snug. 

  • carry the boards from the base to the shore water, try to avoid handling the board on land.

  • use the boards with care and without unnecessary force. However, if anything breaks, please let us know openly and as soon as possible so that the next users can make the excursion possible.

  • do not leave boards directly in the sunshine during your breaks, the pressure inside the board may rise under the influence of heat

  • after use, clean the boards and equipment.

  • return the equipment to the designated locations.

  • close the base door and place the key in the key box.

  • if the board needs to be filled, the pump and instructions for filling are in the smaller zip pockets of black backpacks. Only pumps for filling the SUP board may be used

  • do not overfill the board, the recommended pressure on the boards is 15-20 psi and this is also recorded next to the board valve.

  • Familiarise yourself with the possibilities of moving around the waters of Repovesi in advance and pay special attention to the cottages on the shores of Repovesi and their residents. Don't go 50 metres closer to the cottage beaches. However, if you suddenly find yourself on the shore of a cottage, try to distance yourself from the beach, greet people and politely apologize for dipping too close to shore.

  • Please report any breakdowns or defects as soon as possible.

Safety procedures

  • Make sure the vest you're wearing has a whistle. Do not put a whistle in your mouth unless you need to use it (Corona consideration)

  • the customer is responsible for their own safety when moving in the waters

  • a good tour buddy is the best "safety tool", paddle with a friend or in a group

  • However, if you use borad alone, stay within swimming distance of the shore

  • let your loved ones know where you're going and what your schedule is

  • plan and carry out your excursion according to your skill level and strength. If possible, sup first into agaist the wind and then with in the wind

  • always wear vests and respect the lakes

  • take your phone loaded in a watertight case. Please note that Repovesi National Park, especially in the Kuutinkanava area, has poor network

  • equip yourself in accordance with the weather and check if any sudden changes have been predicted in the weather before you leave. Take into account the dangers and effects of cold water.

  • reserve your trip for drinks and also protect yourself from the sun

  • use strap of board, wind takes the board quickly

  • start from the shore on your knees because if you stagger or the board slips from under you, the chance to hit your head on a pier or stone is lower

  • paddle in shallow water on your knees

  • it's easy to sup downwinds, but in the headwinds you should squeak back towards the wind

  • take into account other water users, the SUP board is classified as a watercraft subject to normal water transport laws

  • In the case of vessels of less than 12 metres, avoidance should be carried out in accordance with normal water traffic rules, but it is often advisable, as a smaller party, to always swerve. There are only rowing boats in Tervajärvi without engines. In other waterways there are motorised boats, and the sup users must pay attention to Tuuletar boat route to Lapinsalmi from Orilampi in Repovesi. Try to stay away from the route of Tuuletar. However, if you do, always stay as right as possible

  • look around you and be clear what's going on around you

  • if you feel insecure, get on your knees well in advance. If you fall, try to fall into the water so that you stay as surface as possible to spread your limbs so that you don't hurt yourself with something below the surface

  • If you fall, the connected strap of board will keep the board close to you. Try to hold on to the paddle. Swim on the board and place it sideways in front of you and lift the paddle onto the board, grasp with one hand the opposite edge of the board, lift your feet close to the water level and pull yourself transversely onto the board. Turn yourself in the direction of paddling, get up and keep going.

  • when sup at dusk or dark, a white light of 360 degrees visible shall be used.

  • Keep the whistle with you.

  • Be "water clear" in the waters!

  • If you're wondering about something, you can always call and ask!

Instructions for supboarding

  • you can paddle sitting, on your knees or standing

  • with the right technology to increase your travel pace, feel better and enjoy your excursion

  • The length of the paddle is correct when you put your hands up and adjust the length of the paddle so that the t-handle extends from the ground to the wrist

  • get on the board from your knees at the carrying handle

  • move your weight from side to side and feel how the board behaves

  • when the going on your knees seems certain, paddle into deeper water and visit the quadruple board with a paddle in one hand and stand up from it so that your feet are side by side in a hip-wide position on both sides of the carrying handle. 

  • do not tense your feet in straight, but bend slightly from the knees. Try shifting weight again from one foot to another to make you familiar with the board.

  • Do not hold the paddle with both hands.

  • The paddle blade is at an angle to the arm of the paddle. The paddle is the right way around when the logo is forward.

  • Try to keep the paddle as upright as possible in relation to the water, so that the board goes as straight as possible and the paddling side does not need to be changed so often.

  • take the pull from the front far enough away. It's important that you immerse the paddle in the water of the entire stage. This gives you more strength to the pull and more support for yourself. The pull takes place on the front of the legs. Lift the paddle out of the water at the latest at the heels for a new pull. Your upper hand can be almost straight when you make a pull. 

  • work with your body cycle, not just with your hands. This saves your strength and gains more power in the pull.

  • jos lähdet nopeampitempoiselle retkelle, voit säätää melaa hieman lyhyemmälle, työnnä takapuolta taaksepäin ja jousta polvista enemmän. Näin lyhennät vedon pituutta ja nostamalla kierroksia saat lautaan vauhtia.

  • Pidä vartalosi rentona olit sitten hikitreeniä tekemässä tai vain aurinkoa palvomassa. Nauti!

  • if you go on a faster-paced excursion, you can adjust the paddle a little shorter, push the backside back and bend the knees more. This shortens the length of the pull and increases the laps to get speed on the board.

  • Whether you're making sweats or just lying in the sun, keep your body relaxed. Enjoy!

Supboarding nearby Lapinsalmi

The Lapinsalmi area is excellent for sup boarding. From Lapinsalmi to the southeast all the way to Tuuhansalmi, the waterways are meandering and sheltered. There is also a nice Määkijä fireplace on the journey. On the shore opposite the starting point of the journey, there are also the fireplaces of Lapinsalmi and Kapiavesi.

When sup boarding on lake Kapiavesi, it's good to be aware of Fox ferry passing by Määkienniemi. The ferry has a landing cable that runs in the water. Do not approach in the immediate vicinity of the ferry, let the landing wire sink and move into the strait only after the ferry has moved to the side.

Sup boarding from Lapinsalmi to lake Repovesi, you will paddle under the Lapinsalmi bridge. Lake Repovesi can be windy, so take this into account on the way back as well. When the SUP trip goes to Kuutinlahti via Ruskiaselmi, the SUP boarders can see e.g. from the waters of cave Löppsenluola, Mustanlamminvuori lookout tower and Kuutinlahti rockfall. On the way there are e.g. Kuutti fireplace. SUP boarders can take a break at Kuutinkanava's fire place.

The Tuulertar II ship of the Finnish Gold Route operates in Repovesi from mid-June to the end of august every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and also on Sundays in July. SUP boardes can meet Tuuletar in Repovesi in the Lapinsalmi - Ruskiasalmi - Kuutinlahti area. Especially in Lapinsalmi and Ruskiasalmi, which are very narrow, this is good to be aware of. More information about Tuuletar´s schedule.

Lapinsalmi rental base, how the rental base works, how the door opens

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Delivery Terms

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